The Inaugural World Indigenous Network Conference - Darwin 2013



The Inaugural World Indigenous Network conference (WIN) was held in Darwin NT from 26th – 31st May 2013.  It was a joint venture of the Larrakia Nation, The Australian Government and partner countries.  Attending were Indigenous people from 54 countries from across the world.

The Magic Canoe and the paddle

De painted a paddle to be a part of the magic canoe story… Her paddle represented people from all over the world coming together as one, striving together to a similar goal.  As more people get into the canoe they bring more energy and resources and their power and strength makes things grow and happen.  De was asked personally if her paddle could be taken back to Canberra to be apart of a TEDx presentation.

Also De’s paddle was one of the first pieces of Aboriginal art in to Australia to be Augmented...This is the first time Indigenous art has been augmented, and is a prototype of the methodology Paramodic uses for digital place-based story telling. Roy Burnyila's paddle was also augmented.

Augmented reality (AR) is a new way to tell old stories. It links experiences, discrete in space and time, together to tell a new stronger story. AR ‘augments’ a real world physical experience with a complementary digital experience.

Linking AR to art gives artists a chance to give their voice to their art. The art itself, or a digital image of it, serves as a trigger for the AR. When a mobile device with a free AR app installed is held over the art, the augmented video of the artist telling their story appears.

For the first time it gives the audience a chance to hear the story of the art directly from the artist themselves. For Indigenous artists, AR represents self-determination through story telling. AR gives Indigenous artists the chance share stories old and new in their own voice and language directly with the audience.

Using digital storytelling, AR connects artist and audience in new ways. It invites audiences to have a  richer experience with the art and to understand the context and interpretation of the piece, and to have a connection the artist that has not been possible unless in person before. AR builds connections between artist and audience to set new narratives about art and storytelling in the 21st Century.

Instructions for seeing De’s paddle augmented are below, try it out, it is really cool...